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I Recommend "Tax & Financial Group" for Financial Planning, Insurance and Exit Plans

Financial Service Firm

Brad is one of the best financial professionals committed to helping clients improve their long-term financial success, providing expert assistance in financial strategies for individuals and businesses.

Brad customizes programs designed to grow, protect, and conserve his clients’ wealth by delivering an unprecedented level of personalized service and expertise.

Tax & Financial Group has over 150 employees from which to pull expertise in Accounting, Tax, Estate Planning, Insurance.  Brad heads a team that will meet with you to provide a thorough exit plan.  Fixed fee, with the ability to assist in whatever needs your exit requires.  T&FG has completed over 8,000 exit plans for Southern California businesses.  They have completed nearly a dozen for Owners in my practice alone.  

To learn more, fill out the referral form to the right and go straight to their website.

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